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    Business units

    CTE Injection

    CROISSET THERMOPLASTICS ENGINEERING, S.L. has developed Minimolding (≤1g) and Micromolding (≤0.1g) injection technologies over time. Both specialties present greater challenges than conventional mold casting due to the

    CTE Thermoforming

    Thermoforming: Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), Polystyrene (PS), Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). Maximum format 2.300 x 1.240 x 700 mm.

    CTE Composites

    CROISSET THERMOPLASTICS ENGINEERING, S.L. develops composite materials because the different fields of engineering could not find the physical, chemical, or mechanical properties needed to meet new challenges in

    CTE Additive Manufacturing (3D printing)

    Totally in tune with Industry 4.0 “Augmented” additive manufacturing.- 3D printing of all kinds of tools, guides, fixings, molds, etc. for production process. “Alternative” additive manufacturing.- 3D printing of all types of

    CTE Elastomers

    CROISSET THERMOPLASTICS ENGINEERING, S.L. mainly works with polyurethane (PUR) and polybutadiene (PB), one of our specialties is combining thermoplastics and elastomers. Elastomers are materials that are chemically bonded to

    CTE Bio

    CROISSET THERMOPLASTICS ENGINEERING, S.L. is committed to the Environment, guides the accumulated knowledge towards the development and application of bioplastics and bio composites, always considering their possibilities. As

    CTE Technologies

    It is the Business Unit that combines our Strategic Engineering and that organizes and executes the projects in a doubly oriented way; that is, both towards the internal and external


    CTE has been active in the field of engineered plastic materials since 1944, year in which Resinas Experimentales, SA (REEXSA) -former name- began its journey.
    ver the years, we have been accumulating scientifically ordered knowledge that has allowed us to move forward in the manufacture, use and application of resins, multi-material systems and hybrid components; and by extension, after determining the most appropriate technique for each application, in the manufacture of composite materials including thermoplastic (thermoplastic resin + fiber) and thermoset (thermosetting resin + fiber).

    CROISSET THERMOPLASTICS ENGINEERING, SL, our commitment to the environment forces us to guide the knowledge we have accumulated in the development and application of bioplastics and bio composites, always considering their potential.

    True to its principles, CROISSET THERMOPLASTICS ENGINEERING, SL has applied the acquired knowledge gained in development and additive manufacturing or 3D, in its concept of “augmented manufacturing” (tools, guides, fixings, molds, etc.), as in ” alternative manufacturing” (components and final products). 3D printing technology, Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) simplifies traditional processes both in the manufacture of tools and in components and final products production, using materials that have mechanical properties like the most sophisticated composites.

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