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CROISSET THERMOPLASTICS ENGINEERING, S.L. has developed Minimolding (≤1g) and Micromolding (≤0.1g) injection technologies over time. Both specialties present greater challenges than conventional mold casting due to the inherent technical complexity of the operation itself and the materials used. An injection process with sprues that can reach up to 75% of the injection volume are specific and can only be managed with a lot of experience and the highest level of technology.

At CTE we have the technology to manufacture molds and inject components of 1.11 x 0.64 x 0.94 mm with a 0.008 grams weight, 0.04 mm thicknesses and ±0.015 mm of tolerance. All this with a CpK index = 1.3 or higher, since, otherwise, it would be impossible to achieve our objective. Logically, our equipment injects with a pressure of 1.800 to 2.500 bar, which is less than 30 Tm.
due to the difficulty of flow control that the technique represents for such small pieces.

All our molds have two, four or eight cavities and we use machines that anyone can use, with one difference: How we use them.

Hard materials with high mechanical strength, flame and smoke resistant, etc. are common in our production process. Among them are Polyamide (PA), Polyimide (PI), Polyether ketone (PEEK), Polyarylether ketone (PAEK), Polysulfone (PSU), etc. Also aromatic as Polyimido sulfone (PISO) and other aromatic Polyesters (APE).

In addition to the industrial sector, our products are also related to medicine, pharmaceuticals, electronics, as well as microfluidics and automation.

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